PHASE TWO Local Business Promotion



PHASE TWO Tri-City local business promotion.  Again in Hapeville (one more in Hapeville to follow).  Please stop in to these great local, unique businesses and meet the owners. You will be very impressed. PHASE 3 Hapeville  is coming soon and then I am moving into College Park and will finish in East Point. Help me show your friends and family that #southatlrocks !! PHASE 2 includes Doggie Style Atlanta, the ultimate spa for your 4 legged families; 5-Star Barber & Salon, where you can view the art while you have an artist work on your hair; Chapman Drug Store, a classic, local pharmacy that will send you back in time the minute you enter the doors; Mami's La Cubana Restaurant, an authentic, family owned restaurant that will take you to Cuba without the expense of a airline ticket; and finally Sombreros Mexican Cantina, a local favorite Mexican restaurant that is a great place to enjoy food, fun and meet up with all your local neighbors. LIKE my page, SHARE this post, POST about these businesses, and PARTICIPATE in your community!!


Doggie Style Atlanta:  Roxanne's place is amazing, beautiful, elegant, clever and the only place I would want my four legged family member to go to get all dolled up.  This place makes some of the best "human" salons in Buckhead look like low end shops.  Stop in and meet Roxanne and her team and make an appointment to bring in your baby.  You won't be disappointed with the outcome or the ambiance.  Simply lovely place to be and simply wonderful owner.


5 Star Barber & Salon:  What a great place to get your hair cut, enjoy the conversation and look over all the artwork.  This has all the trimmings of a regular barbershop (pun intended), but it also has a decor I have never seen in your everyday shop.  There is artwork on the wall, pendent lighting hanging from the ceiling, large screen TV's to enjoy a game or two, and plenty of chairs, for plenty of customers.  Go early to get a chair, or just enjoy the company of friends.


Chapman Drug Store: A nostalgic, local pharmacy that has been servicing the community for years.  Step into store and you are immediately taken back to another time and place - when things were easier, people were friendlier and people weren't attached to a cell phone 24/7.  Not only do they have a full service pharmacy that accepts most insurance, but they also have a soda fountain area, sell brands of pop that are hard to find and serve some of the best ice cream shake in town. Family owned and operated - please stop in and support this business that is iconic to Hapeville.

chapman_final_lores copy

Mami's La Cubana Restaurant: One of the newest editions to the Hapeville community this is a family owned and operated restaurant.  The food takes you to another place - just as if you were sitting in a Cuban cafe.  Stop into this charming restaurant and enjoy a huge, delicious meal, at a ridiculously low price - but expect to meet the owners and expect to feel like you are eating at your mom's house.  Warm, friendly and kind people serving food that will make you feel the same way.


Sombreros Mexican Restaurant: I don't know anyone that hasn't eaten at this restaurant in Hapeville.  Great Mexican food, great service, super nice owners - but the best part - Go in any night of the week and you will see someone you know.  This is truly a "local" restaurant.  It may take you a few minutes to get to your table but not because they are short staffed - it's cause you will be stopping to say hi to all your friends already eating while you head to your table.  Enjoy a wonderful varied menu, full bar, pool tables, games, big screen TV's and terrific conversation between tables - there are no strangers in Sombreros, even if it is your first time visiting.



Now on to PHASE 3 in Hapeville, then to College Park and finally finishing in East Point.  What a journey.  Please take it with me!!!!  VIST LOCAL, SHOP LOCAL - yell it from the roof tops #southatlrocks