PHASE ONE - Local Tri-City Business Promotion


It is finally time for the local, Tri-City, Business Promotion to begin.  PHASE ONE includes 5 locally owned businesses in Hapeville, GA.  My plan is to promote local businesses in Hapeville first, move onto College Park and then finish with East Point.  I have had tremendous interest in participating in the push, so I anticipate that this could end up being a 6-8 phase promotion, so get ready to be introduced to some hidden gems, of all types, in the Tri-Cities.

You may be familiar with the 1st 5 local businesses in PHASE 1 but please share this information with your friends, family and co-workers that do not live locally.  Let them know they are missing out on unique, friendly, local businesses that give off the feel only a local business can do so well.


The 1st (5) Hapeville businesses I picked for PHASE 1 are in no particular order. I am simply not finished taking images at the other participants.  I am working hard to get this information out there so check back frequently.  

Beer Girl Growlers & Bottleshop:  A locally owned beer growler and so much more.  Stop in for a beer or a glass of wine.  Meet and greet some of your neighbors, take a minute out of your fast paced life and enjoy all they have to offer.  Plus, the shop couldn't be owned by nicer people.  Make this a regular stop - you won't regret it.



TREAT LOVE:  A local candy store right around the corner.  It is beautifully decorated, stocked with unique, delicious candy and run by a local SJE Alumni family.  Stop by and sample their amazing treats.  I truly believe if people knew this candy shop was here, people from all over, would drive for miles to indulge.  Until they do, please stop in, say hello and try out some of the most unique candy offered anywhere in Atlanta.



S&S Fire Pits:  Handcrafted locally in a great space.  You can get a Fire Pit, a Fire Wood Stand, and so many other tooled items that are produced in the S&S warehouse.  They also hold events that help you enjoy the fire pits, and other local wares (food, beer and art).  Take a tour of the facility with Andy - he shows great pride in his business and it is a business to be proud of - great products right around the corner. 



Volare Wine & Bistro:  One word should say it all: lovely.  This restaurant is beautifully decorated, has a unique, and delicious menu, a diverse wine menu, and deserts to die for.  A great place to for lunch or dinner with friends and family, or to take business associates.  I know your experience will be terrific, and at the end of the meal you will be saying, "that was amazing"!



Slideways:  A family business that should continue for years to come. Slideways is comfortable, friendly, nostalgic and serves great food.  If you can't decide what to order then you can certainly depend on the staff's recommendation - they know everything about each item on the menu and will point you in the right direction; I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Stop in and say hi to the owner, meet the staff and enjoy a great meal in a terrific atmosphere.